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Wine With Mexican Food: Top 10 Pairings You Should Try

One of our favorite pleasures is eating Mexican food, and another is enjoying a glass of good wine. But how do we combine wine with Mexican food

When we think of Mexican food, perhaps we only think of some versions of tacos. But being geographically and culturally diverse, Mexico has developed a rich gastronomic offer. Although it has evolved to take sophisticated forms, it maintains the simplicity of its origin and traditions. Best of all, there are expressions of this gastronomic culture in every corner of the country so we can bring great dishes to our table daily. 

This is how we see the world of wine as well, as we believe that wine is meant to highlight our best moments, celebrate, relax, enjoy a casual meal, or simply have a good time. And aren't our best moments the ones that make us happiest, give us pleasure and joy?

From our experience at La Cava Chahué, we propose delicious pairings of wine with Mexican food.

10 Top Wines to pair with Mexican Food

Pork, lamb, or beef

If you are Mexican, you have surely not missed dishes such as Michoacán-style carnitas, barbacoa from Hidalgo, suadero tacos, or tlayudas from Oaxaca. All of them are made with pork, lamb, or beef protein, and if we want to pair them with wine, we think the choice has to be a robust and barrel-aged wine. For example, we suggest a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon wine from Casas del Bosque with six months in oak barrels because it balances the flavor of the fat. 

Wine with Mexican food: a dish with tacos

Cochinita Pibil

Our next Mexican dish is complex because it contains spices, sour lime, habanero chile, tortilla, among other ingredients. We are talking about the exquisite and super delicate Cochinita Pibil. 

For this potent mix of flavors, we propose three options: the first is a white Chardonnay wine with a barrel, a Mexican wine from San Luis Potosi called CQ Reserva Chardonnay with six months in barrel; the second is a Chilean rosé wine with a blend of cabernet sauvignon and a merlot called Mancura Etnia Rosé; our third option is a Spanish sparkling wine made with one hundred percent of Garnacha grapes called Cava Particular Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature. Any of the three possibilities go great with it. You could also try these same pairings with the taco al Pastor. 

Wine with Mexican food: Cochinita Pibil

Chiles en Nogada

We go to the south of Mexico, to the state of Puebla, where only seasonally, a complex and elegant dish is made. Its complexity lies in ingredients such as the somewhat spicy poblano chile, the protein (beef or pork), spices like pepper, nogada, which turns out to be sweet, the nuts to make the filling, and the acidic pomegranate. 

Our first recommendation for this dish is a dry rosé wine made of Garnacha grapes from Baja California called Carta Rosé. If you prefer red wines, we recommend a Mexican wine from Baja California called Trasiego Selección Tinta, which is fruity and has not been aged in oak barrels. Both options highlight the flavors of this delicious dish. 

Wine with Mexican food: Chiles en Nogada

Mole Oaxaqueño or Mole Poblano

A dish that cannot be missing from our list is the mole oaxaqueño or mole poblano, unique and very complex dishes to elaborate. Both include a wide variety of chiles, spices, chocolates, etc. 

If the predominant flavor is spicy, it could be paired with a sparkling Mexican rosé wine from San Luis Potosi, made with a blend of chardonnay, pinot noir, and Nebbiolo called Nicole Extra Brut. When the taste of mole leans more towards sweetness or chocolate, we suggest two options: a red wine from Baja California called Barisal Nebbiolo, or a wine from Baja California called Flor de Roca made with the Ruby Cabernet grape. Both options highlight the mix of mole flavors with the fruitiness of the wines. 

Wine with Mexican food: Mole Oaxaqueño

Oaxacan Chocolate

If you choose a dessert made with Oaxacan Chocolate, we recommend a French red wine called Montagne Noire Syrah. Its plum and blueberry flavors perfectly complement the taste of the cocoa.

Are you looking for the right wine to drink with Mexican food? You can find all the bottles of wine we recommend by visiting our stores located in Huatulco and Oaxaca City or our online store. We assure you that we have the best option for your favorite Mexican dish!

Dare to pair the different flavors of our vast gastronomy with the wide range of wines from around the world that we offer you in La Cava Chahué.  

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