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What are your first choices if we wonder which cheese to pair with white wine? At La Cava Chahue, we’ve come up with...

Red Wine And Cheese Pairings For Beginners: 5 Charts You Must Try!

When you think about what to pair with your wine, is cheese one of your first options? If that’s the case, you might ...

What Wine Goes with Seafood? Top 5 Wines to Enhance Your Dishes!

We are in April already, and in the northern hemisphere, winter will end to make room for the spring equinox. We'll s...

Wine With Mexican Food: Top 10 Pairings You Should Try

One of our favorite pleasures is eating Mexican food, and another is enjoying a glass of good wine. But how do we com...

What Is Asti Spumante? Everything you need to know!

Italy produces sparkling wines from more different grape varieties than any other country in the world. The best know...

Bordeaux Wines Explained: Bienvenue to this Wonderful World!

Bordeaux is a dream trip but a destination barely explored by tourists. You can do an excellent tour of France's most...

The Fascinating History of California Wine

The old man, who thought he had lost his luck as a fisherman, ventured out to the sea carrying his hopes and expectin...

Returning to Argentina! Wine Map from La Cava Chahue

“And although the all-destroying forgetfulness, has killed my old illusion, I keep a humble hope hidden, which is all...

Explore with Us The Wine Route in Chile

Join us to explore the wine route in Chile. This journey is to frame the perfect picture of Chilean wines’ textures, colors, shapes, fragrances, and flavors.

The Best Wine in Mexico

Hi, I’m Reinaldo. Do you know La Cava Chahué? Today I’ll take you on a tour of our store. Join me. The Oaxacan coast ...
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