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Explore with Us The Wine Route in Chile

Thanks for allowing me to share these lines with you! 

This journey throughout 6 countries begins with the challenge of turning simple moments into sublime ones, framing the perfect picture of textures, colors, shapes, fragrances, and flavors to seal really amazing interactive spaces. 

The wine world puts us in the constant search and experimentation of new and improved options that elevate our senses to discover a world full of simple things, and more sophisticated ones, making us more knowledgeable and demanding without us realizing it.

Chile! The country of literary figures like Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Isabel Allende, amongst others; the country that decided to end a dictatorship through a referendum back in 1988 -as reflected in the movie “No” with Gael García Bernal; the progressive and controversial country. It’s fully reflected in its wine industry by two emblematic purposes: Pisco and Wine. 

In both, a culture of knowledge and experience has developed. On the one hand, Pisco in the Chilean regions of Atacama y Coquimbo, that drink, so similar to grape spirit, produced by distilling wine. Interesting how Chilean and Peruvian fight emotionally for the ownership of Pisco. Both are excellent in preparing a delicious Pisco Sour, which stays the same whether you’re at Astrid y Gastón in Lima or Santiago. 

If we talk about Chilean wine, you will surely think of Carménère. This grape has a French origin and comes from the Cabernet de Burdeos family, and Chile currently owns the most extensive plantations in the world. Chileans built their wine culture following the purest French style, always thinking of their Carménère as a branch of the Merlot, growing it and making it their banner to show themselves as a wine-producing power, currently taking the place of the eight largest producers worldwide. Let me clarify that it isn’t the only grape they produce, given they also offer a delicious range. 

In the Valparaíso area of Valle de Casablanca, you’ll find one of the most prestigious vineyards of Chile, “Casas del Bosque”, which has 235 hectares in the region. The Cúneo family of Italian origin founded this vineyard. They produce varieties of Carménère from the Rapel valley (O´Higgins area) in the wine-growing area of the Central Valley that contains the Metropolitan regions of Santiago, O´Higgins, and Maule. 

An excellent proposal by this vineyard is its Carménère Reserva from 2015, which has an intense red color with garnet tones. Its’ smell contains fruity hints like raspberries and plums; hints of dry leaves, chocolate, and spices. In terms of taste and consistency, it’s a soft and round wine with smooth tannins and good persistency. You can pair this wine perfectly with roasted meats like chicken, beef, or something spiced with cumin. It goes very well with cheeses like Gruyere, Emmental, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesano, Manchego, or Pecorino. 

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